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Oct 19, 2013

ONCE AGAIN live & unplugged  at the Cornerstone in Muenster



Oct 18, 2013

ONCE AGAIN live & loud at the METRO in Muenster



Aug 21, 2013

.ONCE AGAIN’s  summer video “Sunny Day” is out now !



Dec 8, 2012

ONCE AGAIN live in the final of the “German Rock & Pop Prize 2012” at  Rhein-Main-Hallen in Wiesbaden



Aug 19, 2012

Today and yesterday  we had some audio and video takes in the Tonhof Studio near Muenster. At outside temperatures of 39 degrees Celsius (102.2 degrees Fahrenheit)  this was a really hot job to all involved people and “keeping cool“ received a totally new meaning to us.



Jan 31, 2012

The new live album with Verena is out now:  Red Black Blonde !            Check it out here  . . .



Jul 17, 2011

New band photos with front female Verena:  a jazzy photo flash in red black blonde !



Mar 29, 2011

Onno joins the band taking over Ralph’s part on guitar.



Oct 10, 2010

ONCE AGAIN in a new lineup  -  Verena  “the Voice”  becomes the new front woman and  Ralph Erdmann replaces Stephan on guitar.



May 6, 2010

ONCE AGAIN live at Buntfunk Münster, the local open.web.TV magazine.



Nov 15, 2009

Michi “the Chord”  and  Stephan Altevolmer have plugged in forming the new twin pack on guitars.



Mar 19, 2009

The new EP  “eye to eye”  is out now !!!    Four smashing songs in a powerful studio mix, ready to rock your heart and touch your soul.



July 1, 2008

ONCE AGAIN recording at the sound pool studio in Warendorf, Germany



Feb 15, 2008

ONCE AGAIN live at the  Hard Rock Cafe in Cologne      Rocking for Global Angels



Nov 29, 2007

Frank Kuhlmann becomes ONCE AGAIN’s new six strings sorcerer taking over the part of  Theo “Slowhand” Keller  who left the band in October.



Aug 10, 2007

Distribution of the US Sampler “KAM Rock Compilation” has been started featuring the ONCE AGAIN track “Love ‘s Waiting”.



July 2, 2007

New album “Blue” is available now !



May 16, 2007

ONCE AGAIN on air in Berlin broadcast



Nov 26, 2006

ONCE AGAIN win twice at the “German Rock & Pop Award 2006” !!!  The band comes third in Funk & Soul and front female Frauke is honoured as best Funk & Soul singer.



Aug 22, 2006

Our new drummer Matthias has climbed the throne behind the battery, also well-known as the “Bomber of Billerbeck” !

More live acts and tour dates soon  . . .

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Live Album:  ONCE AGAIN - Red Black Blonde (2012)


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